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At FreeSet News, we believe staying informed is an inalienable right. At an age when information can be overwhelming, our goal is to be your go-to source of unbiased, comprehensive and entertaining news regarding Politics, Sports and Entertainment affecting daily life. Our mission is clear – provide our community members with knowledge they can use to make sound decisions in today’s ever-evolving society.

Our Story

FreeSet News was established by a passionate group of journalists and news enthusiasts who saw a need for an alternative news platform — one free from sensationalism, bias and clickbait – so as to present news in its original form: fair and factual reporting without ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

What Sets Us Apart

Unbiased Reporting: Our reporters strive to present news as it unfolds objectively without favoring one side over the other or favoring specific viewpoints or agendas. Our experienced journalists seeks to deliver balanced, objective coverage allowing readers to form their own opinions independently of influence from either party or influence from within their ranks.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our coverage extends beyond global politics to cover sports scores and entertainment news of interest to you, all the way down to inside scoop on Hollywood stars’ life on set and behind-the-scenes scoop from media industry insiders – Our dedicated teams work diligently to bring you up-to-date, timely stories.
  • Engaging Content: News can often feel daunting; that’s why our articles strive to not only inform but also engage readers – from in-depth analyses to thought-provoking op-eds – in an attempt to make FreeSet News worth your while and your time on FreeSet News enjoyable.
  • Community Engagement: At Community Matters, we value the contributions and voices of every member in our network of like-minded individuals. Together, we can foster constructive dialogue that contributes to a more informed society.

Our Commitment
At FreeSet News, our commitment is anchored in accuracy, integrity, and transparency. We hold ourselves accountable for each piece of content published; and welcome reader input regarding whether our standards have been breached. Should this happen for any reason whatsoever, do let us know as quickly as possible so we may work toward improvement.

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Thank you for choosing FreeSet News as your news provider; we look forward to becoming the go-to place for in-depth and objective reporting.


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