Justin Bieber impact on Team Matthews at All-Star Game 

Justin Bieber in NHL All-Star

This show began with an opening video on scoreboard screens featuring Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews telling his tale as an upstart youngster learning hockey in Stratford, Ontario.

He may have become one of the greatest pop stars ever, yet he remains an ardent hockey supporter like millions of people in this province.

Justin Bieber in NHL All-Star

Imagine Justin Bieber serving as celebrity captain for Team Matthews during Saturday’s 2024 Honda (U.S.)/Rogers (Canada) NHL All-Star Game held at Scotiabank Arena – taking a warmup, standing behind the bench wearing full uniform, then celebrating Team McDavid’s 7-4 win in the three-on-three tournament final – all within hours!

Here, Bieber Fever was felt both ways.

Mitchell Marner of the Maple Leafs said it had also been an incredible dream experience for his son.

Marner considers Bieber his friend, calling him by his nickname ‘Biebs.’ They’ve spent time together several times, with Bieber showing an affinity for playing games – usually for stakes – against themselves and each other.

“Any game,” Marner replied when asked by USA TODAY Sports about what sort of games he enjoyed playing at Barrie’s house, noting “it never mattered which was being played if it was just us two verses (Nashville Predators defenseman Tyson Barrie or Auston Matthews from Nashville. Every match would come down to do or die.”

Marner said when Team Matthews picked him for their lineup in Thursday’s Tim Hortons NHL All-Star Player Draft — comprising himself, Matthews, forward William Nylander, and defenseman Morgan Rielly from Maple Leafs — he knew Bieber would tell them, ‘We are winning this thing.”
Bieber came out for warmup Saturday in full uniform for Team Matthews – his jersey number 6 in blue stood out, yet all five All-Star uniforms bore his signature — blue, yellow, red and white — designed by him in collaboration with Drew House fashion label that he co-founded.

“Nobody expected him to join us,” Los Angeles Kings goaltender Cam Talbot stated, but his presence proved surprising, and it was great fun going head-on against him. He showed some very competent hands out there.”

Did Bieber land an assignment on Talbot?

Talbot noted with amusement. “He actually missed both attempts,” she commented with humour.

Oh well. Photographers were on hand and captured numerous shots of Bieber with various players: Maple Leaf’s players, Pittsburgh Penguins centre Sidney Crosby and Colorado Avalanche centre Nathan MacKinnon from Pittsburgh Penguins and Colorado Avalanche centre Nathan MacKinnon from Colorado Avalanche respectively, Bieber with almost every team player that was present (the players lined up alongside Bieber to pose with him); Bieber even got photos with members from all nine MLS clubs!

As Bieber says in one of his songs: “When you smile, I smile.”

Justin Bieber fever in NHL All-Star

Talbot admitted his responsibility, admitting, with some shame: “I believe I started that.” Talbot noticed the Leaf players engaged in such practices but felt obliged to address Talbot directly; she believes she may have begun something for whoever had made such remarks, so she apologized profusely:

After the warmup, Bieber engaged Marner and Matthews in an unruly weaving passing drill before needing to be coaxed away so the crew could prepare for its pregame show.

Matthews noted it was “an enjoyable moment” when her son took to the ice to skate around with some of his classmates and play on it with others, causing a great deal of laughter among their group – although not as much as when wearing his signature cocoon coat!

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Bieber was quite eye-catching, standing next to Boston Bruins coach Jim Montgomery, wearing casual wear while coaching Team Matthews – especially Bieber next to Montgomery, who donned a light blue sweater while coaching them!

“We were really enjoying it,” Matthew stated. “Monty should put some fire behind his game for the second period; however, that may or may not have actually occurred – however, if you were sitting high up in the stands, you could easily identify him from among all those around him.”

Unfortunately for Montgomery, she never got a chance to make her mark with fashion.

“I love my coat!” he raved. “I wanted to wear it; since I don’t have much going for me otherwise, why shouldn’t I stand out through what I wear?!”

Credits: Twitter.com

Montgomery was fortunate enough to discuss music with Bieber.

“On the bench, I asked him what his go-to music for relaxing at home is; he answered me that they currently listen to an Austin, Texas band I had never heard of, so, after taking notes, I will definitely check them out!”

Near the end of the final, Bieber was perched on a bench with one leg propped, carefully watching every move unfold before him. When Detroit Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat scored to give Team Matthews a 6-3 edge with 1:51 remaining, Bieber leapt off his seat, holding both arms aloft. Also Read: Officials Excited to Participate in First All-Star Game

As soon as New York Islanders forward Mathew Barzal scored to give his team a 7-4 edge with 1:06 remaining, Montgomery put his arm around Bieber – at which point, all fans became known collectively as ‘Beliebers’.

“We knew we’d achieved success,” Montgomery stated. “It was fantastic being around him; he had real passion behind his words.

His intentions were clear.

“He was fired up,” Marner noted of DeBora. “It was great having him behind our bench.”

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