NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Each and Every Playoff Scenario

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18

Going into Week 18, both conferences’ NFL playoff chances remain very uncertain in terms of wild card spots.

Five AFC teams remain eligible to win two wild cards plus the AFC South, while seven National Football Conference (NFC) clubs can still claim postseason berths this weekend.

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18

On Sunday, several AFC teams will be rooting for Tennessee to upset Jacksonville and make the playoffs; the Bills and Steelers could use some help from Tennessee, while the Texans need their defeat as the Jaguars lose in order to claim AFC South supremacy.

The next two days will prove extremely exciting as NFL playoff scenarios unfold across every league and conference this weekend. Keep a tab below on every system as they grow throughout this weekend – stay updated for each. Alit AFC Playoff Picture

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Division leaders

1. Baltimore Ravens (13-5-1) have secured first seed status within AFC North (clinched No.1 seed with home-field advantage and home-field advantage for next round), whilst

2. Miami Dolphins (10-5) overall, 12th playoff seed overall and playoff berth secured for this Sunday against Buffalo (7:20p CST on NBC).

3. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6) have secured the AFC West No.3 seed.

4. Houston Texans (10-7) secured a playoff berth and won 23-19 over Indianapolis in Week 15, thus sealing their playoff position and earning wild card status for next season.

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Wild Cards

5. Cleveland Browns (11-2, No. 5 seed)

6. Buffalo Bills (10-6; unbeaten in AFC East with only one win remaining to capture it this Sunday). They play at Miami on Sunday at 7:20 pm CT when airing live on NBC (if the Bills win, they clinch the AFC East title on that game!). AFC East championship scenarios: With an Eagles victory on Sunday, they would claim their title!


Playoff Clenching Scenarios: For the Bills to clinch their playoff berth with either a tie OR a loss/tie against the Jaguars is sufficient.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7)

Won 17-10 against Baltimore.

Playoff Clinching Scenarios: For the Steelers to secure their playoff berth with either a victory and loss by the Bills OR with a win and upset by the Jaguars is all it takes for their playoff berth to become secure.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)

This week: at Tennessee on Sunday at noon CT. CBS will air this game live.

Clinching the AFC South: With a win, the Jaguars secure victory and claim AFC South championship status.

Updated: With their victory on Saturday, the Steelers forced the Jaguars into winning the AFC South in order to qualify for playoffs and are eliminated from playoff contention by winning division leader Cincinnati Bengals (8-8).

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Eliminated from playoff contention

9. Indianapolis Colts (9-8)

10. Denver Broncos (8-8)

11 Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)

12. Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)

13. New York Jets (6-10)

14 Tennessee Titans (5-11)

15. Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)

16. New England Patriots (4-12)

NFC playoff picture and Division leaders

1. San Francisco 49ers (12-4)

They clinched NFC West division title and home-field advantage)

2. Dallas Cowboys (11-5) (clinched playoff berth and playoff spot)

These teams meet this Sunday at Washington; kickoff is 3:25 pm CT Sunday on FOX.

Situations for Claiming the NFC East: For Dallas to capture their division title, they would require either winning OR tying and an Eagles tie OR loss by either side in this contest.

3. Detroit Lions (11-6; won NFC North Division)

This week: They face Minnesota on Sunday afternoon on FOX (game time noon ET).

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8)

This week: They travel to Carolina at noon CT Sunday for their game.

NFC South Clinching Scenarios: For Tampa Bay to claim victory and claim their division title in the NFC South division, they need either to win OR tie their games before New Orleans losses/ties have both taken place.

Playoff Claiming Scenarios: For the Buccaneers to secure their playoff berth, they need a tie against either the Seattle Seahawks or Green Bay Packers, with both losing games on Sunday.

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Wild Cards

5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-2, already qualified for playoff berth)

They travel to take on New York Giants Sunday at 3:25 pm CT; NFC East-clinching scenarios are: An Eagles win and Cowboys loss or tie OR an Eagles tie and Cowboys loss will clinch it for them.

6. Los Angeles Rams (9-7)

They have officially secured a playoff berth and will play at San Francisco this Sunday (3:25 pm CT).

7. Green Bay Packers (8-8)

This week, we are hosting Chicago at 3:25 pm CT Sunday on CBS.

Playoff Clinching Scenarios: For the Packers to secure a playoff berth, they would require either A win OR tie and a Seahawks loss

This week at Arizona: 3:25 pm CT Sunday

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Outside looking in

8. Seattle Seahawks (8-8)

For Seattle to clinch their playoff berth, they need either to win and have the Packers lose or tie, tie Packers lose, Bucs tie OR tie Packers lose with Buccaneers losing or tie OR if all these conditions occur at once, Seahawks connect with Packers loss AND Saints bind or fail to complete this task.

9. New Orleans Saints (8-8)

This week: Host Atlanta at noon CT Sunday

NFC South Claiming Scenarios: For the Saints to win the NFC South division, they either need to defeat Tampa Bay by three touchdowns with either win, loss, tie, or tie and loss for them OR connect with them and the Bucs loss (two victories plus loss by Tampa).

10. Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

Seahawks Loss OR TIE and Packers Loss, OR A Saints tie, Seahawks loss AND Packer loss will do it, OR 10.

This Week: At Detroit this Sunday @ Noon CTFOX47

Playoff Clinching Scenarios: For Minnesota to clinch a playoff berth, they need to beat either the Packers and Seahawks simultaneously while beating the Bucs AND Saints or vice versa.

11. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)

They travel to New Orleans this Sunday at Noon CT.

NFL Playoff Picture for Week 18: Eliminated from playoff contention. 

For Atlanta to claim their NFC South division crown, all it will take is one win and one loss by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to seal their fate in this contest.

12. Chicago Bears (7-9)

13. New York Giants (5-11)

14. Washington Commanders (4-12)

15 Arizona Cardinals (4-12)

16 Carolina Panthers (2-14)

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