Simone Biles’ Husband Scores First NFL Touchdown: Green Bay Packers’ Thanksgiving Triumph

Simone Biles' Husband Scores First NFL Touchdown

Thanksgiving Day marked an exhilarating start for the Green Bay Packers, and the excitement was contagious, especially for Olympic champion Simone Biles.

Taking to her social media platforms, Biles shared her jubilation as her husband, Jonathan Owens, the Packers safety, clinched his first-ever NFL touchdown during the early moments of the match against the Detroit Lions. The pivotal play unfolded in the first quarter when Packers defensive end Rashan Gary pressured Lions quarterback Jared Goff, leading to a critical moment. Goff, attempting a late throw, found himself under duress, resulting in a fumble.

Owens quickly seized this chance, recovering the ball before sprinting forward and racing into the endzone for a touchdown – propelling Green Bay to an insurmountable 20-6 advantage.

Owens made his Packers debut this season after four successful campaigns with Houston Texans. Heading into Thursday night’s matchup vs. Washington Redskins, Owens held one interception and one fumble recovery as an NFL career stats total.

However, the Thanksgiving clash against the Lions marked a significant milestone as Owens notched his first touchdown.

Adding a romantic touch to the story, Biles and Owens tied the knot earlier this year, exchanging vows both at a courthouse and through a destination wedding. As the power couple continues to celebrate personal and professional victories, this Thanksgiving touchdown is undoubtedly a cherished highlight in their journey together.

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