Connor Brown’s Season Debut Goal Ignites Oilers Fans

Oilers Connor Brown Goal

Wednesday was truly memorable in Edmonton as Oilers winger Connor Brown scored his inaugural goal of 2019. It was truly breathtaking.

Oilers Connor Brown Goal

Brown hasn’t experienced much joy on offence with the Oilers after signing on for one season with them and failing to find much offence from his one-year contract, much as many had anticipated he might. Having scored over 600 times thus far this season alone. Yet his debut goal this year hasn’t gone quite according to plan; over 600 players already found the back of the net! But for him, this season hasn’t gone according to plan either, with over 600 finding the back of the net so far!

Oilers game ovation Connor Brown

All that changed against the Capitals in the third period as Brown finally managed to escape his gripping backslide. Evander Kane set him up as they came down the ice on two-on-one; Brown drove toward goal as Kane tossed the puck his way, only for it to somehow ricochet off him and into his net!

Connor Brown Deal

Brown’s signing in Edmonton has proved highly contentious. At the same time, his one-year deal carried a league minimum cap hit of $775,000 and included a performance bonus worth $ 3.225 million upon reaching 10 games played. Yet, early indications suggested he may not have been what Edmonton was hoping for, as evidenced by only having recorded one assist before reaching that bonus mark.

Edmonton Oilers fan reaction

However, he’s proven his worth for Edmonton through both defensive play and penalty kill contributions – where he holds the second-most minutes among forwards on their squad.
Brown was clearly overcome with joy following his goal, making this momentous event for both himself and the team alike. Fans cheered in celebration while players mobbed him on the ice.
Hopes are high that this experience gives him renewed confidence, and allows him to increase his scoring throughout the remainder of the regular season and playoffs.

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