Dak Prescott Sexual Assault Allegations: Cowboys QB Faces Legal Battle Amid Extortion Lawsuit

Dak Prescott Sexual Assault Allegations

After filing an allegation of sexual assault against Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, last year, she made her complaint known by filing a police report regarding what she considers as sexual violence and then threatened with legal action of up to $100 Million as compensation against Dak.

Dak Prescott Sexual Assault

Dallas Police revealed Thursday there is an active investigation regarding an alleged sexual assault at a strip club parking lot in early 2017. An initial report was filed earlier this week regarding such allegations, but further action has not yet taken place, the department confirmed Thursday.

Prescott’s lawyers filed an extortion suit in Collin County near Dallas on Monday. Prescott denies her accuser’s allegations.

Dak Prescott Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, Prescott received a letter from her attorneys and their client, which contained promises they made that in return for 100 million, they wouldn’t pursue criminal or public claims related to her abusive treatment and didn’t plan on going public with claims related to Prescott’s conduct.

Prescott met last week with Prosper police officers in Prosper, where Prescott lives, to advise that she could be victimized by extortion, as reported in The Dallas Morning News.

Prescott Legal Controversy

Prescott is seeking $1 Million in damages in his lawsuit against a woman and her attorneys for an incident that never took place, according to Prescott’s attorney, Levi McCathern. Levi McCathern stated that Prescott never engaged in nonconsensual sexual encounters of any sort with anyone.
Sexual assault is a horrendous crime that no person should endure,” stated the lawsuit. Defendants’ false claims undermine both actual survivors of sexual violence as well as validate the horrific traumas they have endured.

This woman reported her incident to Dallas television station WFAA after leaving the bar where Prescott worked, together with some of his acquaintances.

NFL Quarterback Allegations

“This whole ordeal has been rather embarrassing for me, to be perfectly honest,” the woman stated. “But none of it was my doing – nor is any part of this happening because of me.

Yoel Zehaie, one of the woman’s attorneys, called Prescott’s extortion suit “a distraction to avoid discussing what really should be discussed – which is that Dak Prescott committed rape”.

Prescott has started all eight seasons for the Cowboys since replacing Tony Romo following his preseason injury. He took over after winning 2016 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honours and making three Pro Bowls selections.

Prescott earned this recognition due to his charitable endeavours during the 2023 season.

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