Jason Kelce Announces NFL Retirement After 13 Remarkable Years with Eagles

Jason Kelce Announces NFL Retirement

An emotional day awaits Philadelphia Eagles supporters today.

On Monday afternoon, at a press conference hosted by the Eagles’ star centre Jason Kelce, it was announced he would retire after 13 seasons as part of an emotional announcement at that press conference.

Jason Kelce Retirement

Kelce, 36, was visibly emotional prior to announcing Philadelphia’s NovaCare Complex, often sobbing as he tried to compose himself before reading from his phone the pre-prepared statement that had already been prepared on it. It took more than one minute before Kelce could start reading from it.

Kelce used his 45-minute speech to reflect on his football career, his family life and what will undoubtedly become one of his lasting legacies in sports.

Jason Kelce Retirement Speech

“People often ask why I chose football, what attracted me to it; however, my explanation never seems adequate,” Kelce admitted with tears streaming down his face. His passion for the game can be likened to that of their favourite song or book being drawn towards one’s interest in life.

“What really counts in art is its emotional resonance, its seriousness and intensity,” revered one poet.
As Kelce gave his emotional speech, his brother Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) was present. In the front row, seated with Kylie Kelce’s parents, Donna and Ed, he and Kylie shared emotional scenes, and both brothers wept when speaking of one another’s death. Travis even offered up tissues as his older brother spoke.

Eagles NFL Career Farewell

Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles was also present at this press conference. Kelce spoke briefly about Travis during it, noting how their families have always celebrated one another’s achievements, including each being selected in their respective NFL drafts.
“My brother and I grew up together as part of a close-knit, small family without cousins or uncles; our entire lives revolved around each other: competing, fighting, laughing, crying and learning from one another,” Jason related.

He and Travis would often imagine themselves as the NFL’s “star players” during their childhood games.

“My friends and I won multiple Super Bowls before leaving home,” he remembered fondly.

Philadelphia Eagles legendary player

Kelce has often been recognized for his undying devotion to football and the Eagles team.
“Stepping onto the field was one of the greatest experiences I had ever had,” Kelce reflected, recalling why football has long held his interest. He described its visceral sensation: the hairs would stand up on his arms; I could hit someone, run like crazy around and then be told: ‘Good job’ by people behind him on his teammates – “it truly changed his life”. Kelce now loves football as much as ever.”

Kelce stated he could never have dreamed of playing for any NFL team other than the Eagles.

“Despite last season being terrible, I wouldn’t trade my team with you or those teams for anything – everything happens for a reason, and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside coach Sirianni,” Kelce stated to Sirianni.
“Often the flowers get knocked back a bit, but their roots remain, and I can’t wait to watch as it blooms again next season,” he stated.

Jason Kelce Emotional Retirement

As Eagles fans mourn his departure, Kelce’s retirement comes as an emotional blow.

“Jason Kelce has made an indelible impactful mark on this organization, Philadelphia City Hall and our fans alike,” wrote Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie in a lengthy statement.

“He gave everything of himself over 13 years, doing it in a truly authentic manner. Jason was an exceptional football player – an eventual Hall-of-Famer who would have found success anywhere, yet none can match Jason as being successful with an entire city and its football team.
Lurie noted, “His intelligence and versatility as an offensive centre, from starting as a rookie centre during a lockout season to adapting well under multiple coaches and offensive schemes, set him apart from his counterparts at this position,” Lurie commented. The genuine care he showed toward coaches, teammates, staff members and more than made everyone around him proud to work alongside him; in turn, his passion and intensity made an entire city fall in love with his presence on and off the field.”

Lurie raved: “[He is a] man of many talents – from socializing at tailgate parties with fans to recording an album of Christmas carols that raised millions for charity, to talking Xs and Os with coaches and teammates to donning his football pads out on the football field and performing feats other offensive linemen could only dream of,” Lurie asserted.

NFL retirement announcement 2024

“While Jason may be leaving the NFL behind, I know he will continue his success across many areas in life and that his impact on our organization and this city will linger long after,” Lurie stated before personally wishing Jason and his family well in this next phase.

Kelce’s announcement puts an end to speculation among NFL fans as to whether or not he will participate in one final season in 2024.

Kelce spent 13 seasons with the Eagles, during which they earned six postseason appearances and appeared in two Super Bowls (winning one, including Super Bowl LII 2018). Drafted as a sixth-round pick in 2011, he has remained with them ever since and earned seven Pro Bowler selections as well as six All-Pro selections during that time.
Over his NFL career, he has participated in 193 games.

ESPN reports Cam Jurgens was selected in the second round by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022 and appears set to assume Kelce’s role on their team.

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