Phillip Danault’s Versatility: A Key Asset for the Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings

Phillip Danault’s Versatility is Essential to Los Angeles Kings: Versatility in professional hockey is essential, and Phillip Danault of Quebec is no stranger to adapting his role on the ice. Since transitioning from Montreal Canadiens to Los Angeles Kings, Danault’s playing style has significantly evolved in an offensive direction with LA Kings teammate Pierre-Luc Dubois joining their ranks causing speculation as to Danault’s place within their center position. Let us investigate these unique dynamics at play here.

Danault Makes Transition to Offense

Danault first impressed as an exceptional defensive center on Montreal Canadiens before switching teams and joining the Los Angeles Kings where his offensive contributions soared significantly; eventually scoring 27 and 18 goals respectively in each season of National Hockey League play; an indication of untapped offensive talent lying dormant within him. This transition revealed his exceptional potential.

Pierre-Luc Dubois arrived safely

Pierre-Luc Dubois’ arrival was met with great anticipation by Kings’ fans and players. Not only is Dubois an exceptional talent but he embodies both physicality and speed required in basketball; thus giving a huge boost to their center position; however, questions arose regarding Danault’s place within this new lineup.

Perspective of Luc Robitaille

Robitaille offers an insightful perspective when discussing this situation. In an interview, he challenged the practice of ranking players by placing one above another when discussing centers such as Anze Kopitar, Pierre-Luc Dubois, or Phillip Danault; all three centers on his roster–Anze Kopitar, Pierre-Luc Dubois or Phillip Danault are outstanding talents who contribute significantly towards team’s success.

Robitaille was effusive in his praise of Dubois as an integral member of the Kings roster, emphasizing his transformative nature on game days and as an all-around talent with size, speed, and physicality – qualities the Kings were seeking when recruiting Dubois to their squad. Dubois fits this description perfectly making him the ideal addition to their roster.


The Los Angeles Kings’ center position is one of their greatest advantages over rival teams. Led by Anze Kopitar, Pierre-Luc Dubois, and Phillip Danault — three tremendous talents who present formidable challenges against any opponents — their center trio poses formidable problems to opponents across the league. While Danault may have transitioned more towards offense recently due to injury he must still be recognized for his adaptability and the contribution he brings to the team. President Luc Robitaille understands it’s not simply a matter of rating individual centers but appreciating what each brings them as individuals – their skill sets contribute significantly towards becoming a powerhouse force within NHL competition with Danault playing an instrumental part.

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