Wander Franco has been arrested by authorities in Dominican Republic

Wander Franco

Wander Franco has reportedly been arrested in the Dominica Republic.

According to Z101 Digital’s Hector Gomez, Franco was arrested after facing interrogation by Dominican Republic prosecutors over allegations he engaged in relationships with minors. ESPN’s Juan Recio explained that Franco’s arrest stemmed from failing to appear for summons rather than any stage in the investigation of these alleged relations with minors.
Franco has not been charged with any criminal acts to date.

Franco was placed on a restricted list on Aug. 14 and placed on administrative leave a week later due to allegations on social media of sexual relationships between him and minors. However, he would return for games later in 2023.

Since Franco has been charged with having inappropriate relationships, at least two lawsuits have been filed alleging inappropriateness; additionally, he reportedly faces an investigation regarding another relationship he allegedly had with a minor.


Here’s the latest on Franco.

Wander Franco Arrested: Latest updates.
Gomez reported that in late December, prosecutors in the Dominican Republic issued Franco a summons but that he failed to comply. On Monday, Jan. 1, he appeared at Puerto Plata District Attorney’s Office, where after conducting an investigation, he was placed under arrest and taken into custody for questioning.

Recio has reported that Franco will appear before a Court of Investigation soon and, until then, will remain under the custody of the Puerto Plata Prosecutor’s Office.

Law enforcement officials conducted raids of Franco’s Villa Real home and his mother’s Palo Blanco home on Dec. 26 and went back the next day to his uncles’ locations; neither time was Franco at either location, and his wife was advised that she should contact authorities about him.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Franco had been summoned, with lawyers who had represented him stating they had been fired and could not deliver his summons to him.

On Monday, a Rays official told the Times they did not wish to address reports regarding recent allegations regarding team players.

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