Tim Wakefield, Red Sox pitcher acclaimed for his knuckleball abilities is dead at age 57.


Recent news of Tim Wakefield’s death left us deeply saddened, sending shockwaves through baseball’s world. News was broken on a Sunday, sending shockwaves through its ranks.

Tim Wakefield spent 29 years playing various roles with the Red Sox organization – player, special assistant, broadcaster – before recently coming forward with details regarding his health issues that had previously remained hidden until last week when they came into public light, underlining their gravity.

Who is Tim Wakefield?

Tim Wakefield was revered in baseball circles, known primarily for his distinguished tenure with the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher. Born August 2, 1966 in Melbourne, Florida and making his Red Sox debut seventeen seasons later – earning them World Series championships 2004 and 2007 thanks to his signature knuckleball pitch – Wakefield made history on and off the diamond. But beyond those achievements was an indelible legacy which will live long into its second century for baseball itself and its followers alike.

Remembering Tim Wakefield: A True Boston Red Sox Legend

John Henry, principal owner of the Red Sox, paid Wakefield an evocative ode. Noting his extraordinary pitching talents but also lauding his remarkable character traits: “Tim’s kindness and indomitable spirit were legendary alongside his legendary knuckleball pitching skills. Not only was Tim beloved on the field; his legacy extends well beyond record books to encompass those whose lives he touched with warmth and genuine spirit.”

Tim Wakefield was more than just an effective pitcher – he played an integral part in helping secure World Series victories for Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007. Over 19 seasons between Boston and Pittsburgh Pirates teams, Wakefield amassed 200 wins, 180 losses, 4.41 earned run average (ERA), 2,156 strikeouts. Remarkably, Wakefield holds the Red Sox pitcher record with seven seasons pitching with Boston alone!

Tim Wakefield’s Remarkable Legacy on the Field

After retiring in 2011, Wakefield continued his involvement in Red Sox baseball by contributing to NESN’s pregame and postgame coverage of Red Sox games; most recently he has taken up his current position of color commentator in the broadcast booth.

Wakefield also served as Honorary Chairman of the Red Sox Foundation, underscoring his commitment to giving back. Tom Werner, Chairman of the Red Sox franchise praised Wakefield’s exceptional character: ‘Tim was not only an accomplished athlete; he was an extraordinary human being as well’.

A Farewell to an Iconic Red Sox Pitche

Tim Wakefield holds an indelible place in Red Sox history and remains their all-time leader with 3600 innings pitched over 430 starts; second only to Roger Clemens for career strikeouts (he managed 2,046) during his time on the club.

Roger Clemens was deeply moved by Tim’s passing, taking to Twitter as soon as it happened in order to express his sympathies: “Such heartbreaking news: such an amazing person and teammate for so many of our years of playing golf together! Rest in Peace Tim.”

Rob Manfred, Major League Baseball Commissioner, expressed his sadness over Wakefield’s passing: “We mourn his departure as one of the great pitchers from his generation who helped lead Boston Red Sox teams during one of its most fruitful eras in their history. We thank Tim Wakefield for being part of it all and wish him peace and rest.”

Tim Wakefield’s Enduring Impact Beyond Baseball

Manfred noted, “Tim was so much more than an All-Star pitcher with his versatile approach and reliable performances; he was highly revered teammate who helped win two World Series.

Major League Baseball continues its partnership with Stand Up To Cancer as an act of remembrance and solidarity for those facing disease.

Tim Wakefield left an incredible imprint upon more than just baseball fields; his legacy lives on in our sport, community and the lives he touched through kindness and perseverance. Today we remember one of Red Sox history’s iconic figures for not only their sporting accomplishments but also for how his humanity will live on in future generations – Tim will forever remain in our hearts and his legacy will live on for many more to follow in your footsteps!

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