Bobby McMann: A Hidden Gem Fueling the Leafs’ Bottom Six with Goals and Grit

Bobby McMann Leafs

Rising hockey star Bobby McMann has caught fans’ and analysts’ imagination alike with six goals scored within seven days and with an unbelievably modest cap hit below the league minimum salary. McMann’s success begs questions about whether he could provide the physicality the Maple Leafs have been looking for all along, leading some analysts to consider him one possible solution to their top nine search.

Bobby McMann

The Impact of Recent Line Changes: The recent illness circulating the Leafs’ locker room forced changes in the bottom six, leading to McMann playing alongside Pontus Holmberg and Max Domi. The shift in linemates has significantly affected McMann’s performance, as indicated by the statistics below:

David Kampf191.631.882.5042.8650.55
Noah Gregor174.822.061.3760.0049.07
Pontus Holmberg60.503.970.9980.0052.89
Max Domi14.524.130.00100.0032.00

These changes have allowed McMann to showcase his offensive capabilities and build chemistry with linemates, offering a glimpse into his potential as a consistent contributor.

McMann’s Goal Production

While McMann’s current success comes with a small sample size, his impressive goal production in the AHL last season (21 goals in 30 games) suggests a knack for scoring. With the Leafs in need of secondary scoring, McMann presents a low-risk option that could pay dividends.

Bobby McMann’s Physical Presence

McMann brings more to the Leafs than his scoring prowess, particularly a physical edge they needed to have. Overtaking Tyler Bertuzzi for hits despite playing fewer games demonstrates McMann’s willingness to contribute physically while remaining agile, thus making him an indispensable asset when playing an aggressive style of hockey like theirs.

The Value of Homegrown Talent

By investing in homegrown talent like McMann instead of spending on more costly external options, the Leaves align themselves with their goal to develop and improve players within their system over time. McMann understands the system well enough and adapts accordingly, making him a cost-effective pick for their bottom six unit. Also Read: Kempe scores two late goals to lead the Kings past the Penguins and end Jagr’s night!

Looking Ahead Bobby McMann

As McMann’s contract nears expiry, there may be an opportunity for Toronto Leafs management to secure an affordable and productive bottom-six forward at an economical cost. Given proper support and opportunities, he could continue being an invaluable contributor – with critical players like Auston Matthews supporting this decision.


Bobby McMann’s recent surge is more than a mere fluke; it shows his potential as an integral member of the Maple Leafs roster. Giving McMann chances to show what makes him unique could unlock hidden potential among their bottom six players.

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