The Connors of Hockey: McDavid, Brown, and Ungar Share a Special Bond

McDavid, Brown, and Ungar Share a Special Bond

There’s something special about all three Connors who signed with the Edmonton Oilers – be it luck, fate or mere coincidence – they share one common thread – they all bear names Connor: McDavid, Brown and Ungar.

Connor McDavid

As is often the case in these circumstances, one possible response would be, “They all share the name, Connor.” While it’s true that three Edmonton Oilers players currently under contract all share this common thread of first name, that doesn’t provide sufficient impetus to tell a compelling narrative story about McDavid, Brown and Ungar – what else makes them special?

Their Birthdays:

Many Oilers fans already know that McDavid was born on January 13th, while Brown shared an amazing coincidence; both players share the name, Connor, so their birthdays occur just days apart! But there’s even more: both players (Connor in both instances) …

Connor Ungar

Ungar was also born on January 12th – an amusing coincidence in itself! Although the outcome doesn’t depend on it, having three Connor players, all with birthdays close together, makes for some interesting trivia – particularly as one team has three named Connor!

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